The fun part—visiting New York after Book Expo 2014

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After spending 4 days locked inside the Book Expo conference rooms, I was looking forward to visiting the city. It was not my first time in New York, I had been two years ago during my honeymoon. But that time, I managed to see only the most touristic attractions: Empire State Building (really breathtaking view, but the line to get there was endless), the Statue of Liberty, the main museums, Wall Street.

This time my destinations were:

– Brooklyn

I crossed the bridge on foot. The view of Manhattan’s skyscrapers from the bridge is amazing. I enjoyed the area too, quieter than Manhattan and ancient. Less concrete and more green spaces around the houses.

– Greenwich Village

Personally, I think this is the heart of the city. On Sunday, there were hundreds of people lying down on the grass and sunbathing. Between a walk and a jazz section, you can find quirky places for eating food from all over the world.

Besides, that weekend the Science Word Festival was taking place in the streets around the area – an amazing exhibition about new discoveries in science, technology, astronomy, and robotics sponsored by NASA, American Universities and Tech Companies.

– Central Park

I started walking, and suddenly I found myself lost. The area is huge, and it took me several attempts to understand where I was. But it didn’t matter, I could have walked around for hours. In the depth of the park you can have a moment for yourself, far from the crowd and the constant noise of the city. You can explore the woods, run or simply sit on a bench and breathe. It was revitalizing.

I was so upset when the holiday ended, but I promised myself that I’d be back to New York soon. Next time I won’t miss a Broadway Show or a cocktail on a roof terrace. I can’t wait!

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