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“Have you ever wondered what the signs of the Zodiac really are, and why they have influence on all human beings?”

The Zodiac Guardians have been protecting human beings since the dawn of time.

Now their task is over.

According to an ancient prophecy, the Ecliptic—a path in the sky which symbolizes the union between the Zodiac constellations and the Earth—will break, leading to the extinction of the entire human race.

June 13, during an unprecedented shower of falling stars, the countdown starts: 6 months in all, then the forces of the universe will be unleashed.

The Guardians must make a crucial decision: will they follow the rules of the Zodiac and abandon mankind? Or will they break them and fight for the Earth?

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The human race has mysteriously survived to the destruction of the Earth.

Izie can finally return to her family and get back her normal life.

But her joy won’t last very long.

Terrible health problems, linked to the Zodiac powers, start affecting her brother Sam and her friends, putting their lives in danger.

Why is Izie immune? Why after all the sacrifices made, does the Zodiac still persecute her?

Izie is forced to put herself in the hands of an unknown guy, Nick, who swears to know that a huge source of power, the Seal, is able to avert the crisis. But can she trust him?

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Something is hidden among the stars ...

The Prophecy

During an unprecedented shower of falling stars, mysterious marks representing the constellations of the Zodiac appear on the shoulders of the chosen ones. A race against time to save the Earth from destruction has begun.

The Guardians

12 heavenly creatures, endowed with supernatural powers, were sent from the royal families of the 12 Zodiac constellations to watch over humanity.

Which dynasty do you belong to?

The Twins

Izie is willing to do whatever it takes to save her twin brother’s life. But what happens if she is the reason Sam is in danger?

"It is an intriguing read, full of vibrant descriptions and creative storylines, and will appeal to readers who like highly elaborate and multi-faceted tales."

− IndieReader

"All the characters from this book have been developed so well it makes you want to jump inside and be part of the action."

− Pages of Adventure

"The action scenes were terrific and the conclusion will leave the reader gasping in surprise!"

− Read for the future

"I was really impressed with Ecliptic and it's the perfect read for astrology fans and fantasy lovers."

− A book and tea

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